“As you no doubt know without my having to say it, our time together was transcendent to the point of the sublime. I have never experienced such emotional deliverance in any of my previous play; I was surprised by it, but once surprised instinctually decided to avoid as much as possible trying to evaluate it or even describe it to myself while it was occurring. I sensed (not really consciously) that to name it would be to define it, and hence mitigate its power, which was considerable.”



“Not sure if I’m able to understand the myriad of thoughts and emotions that I experienced and the after effects but I wanted to say thank you. As the session progressed all the thoughts of the outside world and any internal voices quietly fell away. I hope you may grant me the opportunity of continuing to explore this path with you. I’ve never felt this bond with someone I’ve just met – has always taken at least a year to establish the rapport I experienced in our last session.”

-N, London


“I have been really delighted to be remembering different sensations from our session at different times throughout the evening and day and having the opportunity to resavor them. Right along with my curiosity/enjoyment of the sensation of the toys, was my sensual enjoyment of your touch/presence. It felt really nice when you would stand close and just lean in towards me.  You just seemed to be able to read my body very well in terms of sensual touch with a terrific pace, pressure, and placement. The frequent reminders to breathe and attention to breath helped me to stay in my body and aware of sensation and feel connected with you. I imagine you are a fabulous doula. You also put out a very non-body-shaming vibe. Finally, I just want to thank you again for being the person who provided the opportunity and helping hand for me to try out many new things. Having it be a positive experience is noteworthy given my history and a step towards feeling more erotically liberated and empowered (which is also noteworthy given my history!). I’m very grateful.”



“In short order you’ve opened windows to myself that haunt and excite me. You make me throb. Painfully, wonderfully. Staccato images- dreaming of more. Through it all frightened by the depths of desire, the depravity of my erotic thoughts. Where the rabbit hole leads. My ass, my body- yours.  Possessed by you. Hurt by you. Taken. Wanting it to both end and continue more. I am beneath you, your slave.”



“You held a space where I felt comfortable in being totally vulnerable and being myself.  So often I have to wear a mask to hide who I am and yesterday I was able to take off that mask a bit and get closer to myself. I feel more integrated and peaceful. The rest of the day seemed to flow naturally.  I am devotional in nature and I consider myself lucky to have been at your feet in total nakedness stripped of all my bullshit and fakeness. I can see how this will help me in future relationships. I was truly grateful to be in your presence and I thank you sincerely from my heart for the space that you held.”



“I have to confess. The anxiety you felt from me when I first dropped to my knees was complex. While it makes me shy to do so, I love to look into your eyes. To be on my knees, naked at the end of our session, before your beauty was life affirming. As anxious and agitated as I was at the outset, by the end, my face against your warm, soft tummy, breathing in your essence, my hands on the small of your back, I was free, ensconced in your grace, serene in my being, both surrendering my weapons and sharpening them at the same time. I can’t thank you enough for that moment in time.”